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The October visit

We ate a fancy dinner, he pretended to understand my research, we got lost in a corn maze, and I anthropomorphized some pumpkins we picked. And shopped. And poked Pip.

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The couple that studies together, stays together

His study topics: anatomy, biochemistry, behavioral disorders. My study topics: Gilt Groupe, Hautelook, and Rue La La.

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Lost in translation

At the dinner table:

Dad: I liked that girl on your Facebook. Cool barong. Filipinos entering the mainstream, dude!
Me: Pa, that wasn’t really the point…
Mom: I want to see!

*We show her the post*

Mom, concerned: Ha? What’s cultural appropriation?
Dad: Barongs. Appropriate sa black tie. They liked mine at the gala we went to for your school.

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Cultural appropriation is fun especially if it makes you rich

Old hotness: Filipino men wear the barong Tagalog, popularized in the modern era by President Ramon Magsaysay (but with roots antedating Spanish colonization), as formalwear.

New hotness: Valentino S/S 2012 appropriates (traditionally male) Filipino cultural dress as (female) fashion.

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Wherein he calls me crazy

What can I say? I really like glitter.

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