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Sweet (on occasion)

In general, I harbor an innate distrust for any holiday/institution/event that tries to tell me what to do/feel/think. So when I remembered that Valentine’s Day and the mandated demonstrations of love that it entailed was coming up, I felt a little vomity.

But then I went to work and had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I sulked my way home in the (unexpected and thus infuriating) rain, where to my surprise I found these:

And despite my Valentine’s Day grinchiness, I couldn’t help feeling like this:


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My public health valentine

After a surprisingly intoxicating belated birthday celebration yesterday, I came home to this: 


I thought maybe something was wrong until I perused the selections on my wall, starting with #1: 


and culminating with #7, my favorite: 


Feeling overcome with love and affection, I searched with some difficulty for the right words to respond. I settled on: 


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Have a tawdry Tuesday

When we were in middle school, our principal used to end his morning announcements with a vocabulary word to describe the day he wished we would have (e.g. marvelous Monday, wonderful Wednesday, you get the idea). One fateful Tuesday, he decided to take his descriptive talents to new heights. It would have been even more incredible if more of my peers actually understood what he said.

On that note: have a tawdry birthday, boyfriend!

The October visit

We ate a fancy dinner, he pretended to understand my research, we got lost in a corn maze, and I anthropomorphized some pumpkins we picked. And shopped. And poked Pip.

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Lost in translation

At the dinner table:

Dad: I liked that girl on your Facebook. Cool barong. Filipinos entering the mainstream, dude!
Me: Pa, that wasn’t really the point…
Mom: I want to see!

*We show her the post*

Mom, concerned: Ha? What’s cultural appropriation?
Dad: Barongs. Appropriate sa black tie. They liked mine at the gala we went to for your school.

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The September visit

We spent most of our weekend in the French Quarter being tourists. We went out to dinner, got cocktails, watched a movie, went on a jazz tour, and were generally as useful as the resident cat at Preservation Hall.

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