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Sweet (on occasion)

In general, I harbor an innate distrust for any holiday/institution/event that tries to tell me what to do/feel/think. So when I remembered that Valentine’s Day and the mandated demonstrations of love that it entailed was coming up, I felt a little vomity.

But then I went to work and had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  I sulked my way home in the (unexpected and thus infuriating) rain, where to my surprise I found these:

And despite my Valentine’s Day grinchiness, I couldn’t help feeling like this:


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My public health valentine

After a surprisingly intoxicating belated birthday celebration yesterday, I came home to this: 


I thought maybe something was wrong until I perused the selections on my wall, starting with #1: 


and culminating with #7, my favorite: 


Feeling overcome with love and affection, I searched with some difficulty for the right words to respond. I settled on: 


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The October visit

We ate a fancy dinner, he pretended to understand my research, we got lost in a corn maze, and I anthropomorphized some pumpkins we picked. And shopped. And poked Pip.

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He hurt himself yesterday

I have a tendency to faint when confronted with unexpected volumes of blood. Also, I’m very sympathetic. (To be fair, I did ask if he was okay. And recommended a tetanus booster.)

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I have three deadlines at the end of the week

So he kindly helped me brainstorm.

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The September visit

We spent most of our weekend in the French Quarter being tourists. We went out to dinner, got cocktails, watched a movie, went on a jazz tour, and were generally as useful as the resident cat at Preservation Hall.

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Pip will not be ignored

She looks grumpy but she was purring, I swear!

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